Video Conferencing and Moodle Chat Room

Crack the Champagne as the first “MOODLE 4 School” Webinar session on MOODLE 201  was delivered at Barellan Central School today.

Congratulations to Stuart Whytcross and Vicki Tubb who delivered their introductory session to a packed video conference crowd.  We had to apply to get our bandwidth increased as over 70 schools and 100 teachers across NSW are signed up to participate in these ground breaking sessions. The Webinars focus on the pedagogy behind the moodle tools and the ways to use the tools to enhance teaching and learning in authentic and meaningful ways.  I think that is why they are so popular (pedagogy first!).

Video conferencing  (VC) is nothing new to our school. Every High School Teacher at Barellan Central School has successful experience delivering the HSC via blended learning using VC as the primary delivery mode.   I’d reckon we have some of the very best practitioners in the world in the Riverina Access Partnership, highly skilled in quality VC pedagogy.

Using “Chat Room” to support Video Conferencing.

What was special about today was the integration on a wide variety of quality tools to enhance the delivery.  Most particularly the “Chat Room” function in MOODLE.  It wasn’t used much once the session began because the teachers in the session were trying hard to focus and follow the presentation.  But it demonstrated a powerful application for the chat room which allowed the VC presentation to so many schools be more effective.  While the “Keynote” was being delivered, the questions could be fielded by a moderator and colleagues could shared their ideas, thoughts, reflections, and even their concerns.  The moderators were also able to provide feedback to the presenter and troubleshoot technical issues for teachers over 1000 km away.   The Chat room discussion is recorded inside the moodle environment so we can use it to help evaluate the sessions.

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2 Responses to Video Conferencing and Moodle Chat Room

  1. Saad Faruque says:

    need to checkout Moodle chatroom

  2. Cecily Lindgren says:

    Video conferencing is very nice since you can do some meeting with business partners without being physically present. .;*'”

    Yours truly“>

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